Thursday, 14 August 2014

How we Built a Pond

For the past few days we have been building a small pond in our front yard. In doing so we aim to atract more frogs and toads to our yard. Besides frogs and toads we hope to also atract other wild life such as insects and birds.

The pond is not very big but should do the trick.  This type of pond wont last long but should serve its purpose. Its just a pit in the ground with sand on the edges of the inside walls.
Its lined with black PVC plastic, and there are some stones at the bottom of the pond just to add some natural feel to it.
 I am not positive that we will get the amount of frogs and toads that we are hoping for, but I still think that we should still get some.
 If not we still have a small dam close to our house on a local farm so we can go look there for some there to study.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Snail Bob

Yesterday as I was getting into my shower I saw that (to my horror) there was a large garden snail on the wall of the shower.
My first thought was how did it get in there, and then that I must get it out. But then I thought that maybe I could do something with it. 
So I finished my shower and took the snail to show my mom.
She was equally shocked. Then I remembered an old fish tank stuck in our garage, that's when I thought that maybe I could keep my new found friend. I got out the tank and gave it a good clean.
Then I set about collecting some rocks,dirt,a plant and lid for water.
I also added a few large rocks into the tank. In a few minutes I had a small,not to shabby,snail habitat.

Next I set about adding the snail. When I saw that he/she looked comfortable I added some lettuce and water.
Now I began to think that I might make him one of my many pets, and every pet needs a name so I thought of names. One name that stuck was Snail bob, the name a popular game on the internet,so Snail bob it was.
 If I get more snails then there names will be snail bob 2,3,4,5,6,7.(ya there are a lot of snail bob games)